Vince McMahon wins presidential debate with devastating top rope finish

Vince McMahon performing a flying elbow drop against vice president Joe Biden
Vince McMahon mid flight

Registered voters say Vince McMahon was the clear winner in 2020’s first presidential debate, with the WWE chairman and CEO putting in an imperious display against Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Live polling of the event showed Biden and Trump as equally unpopular in the minutes before McMahon appeared out of nowhere to hit them both with a steel chair in one swing.

A reeling Trump tagged in Jared Kushner, who was promptly thrown clear out of the ring by the inexplicably shirtless Joe Biden.

“Trump performed well in the trash talk,” said CNN political analyst David Gergen, “but fleeing the building was a mistake. People wanted to see a show.”

In a post-debate survey of 14,408 registered voters, 57 percent said the most important moment of the night was when Biden lay down to take a nap and McMahon capitalised with a breathtaking flying elbow drop from the top rope.

The debate, which lasted four hours and featured no policy questions, beautifully sets up the upcoming vice presidential showdown between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. Hulk Hogan refused to comment on rumours of his involvement.