Person learns from mistake

A humble Illinois carpenter made history yesterday by becoming the first human this millennia to genuinely learn from a mistake.

Leonard Hurst, 24, had been ostracised by friends and family after destroying the facade of a local family business in a fit of drunken rage. After reflecting on his actions he made a genuine effort to work on himself and avoid the same mistake repeating itself in the future.

Hurst said: “I looked at what happened, what I did, the context, and whatever else went on there was no escaping the fact there were things I could and should have done better. From now on, I will be better.”

Hurst’s friends and family are reportedly very proud of him, as they know people have an infuriating knack of talking about learning from their mistakes before going back to doing exactly what they were doing before.

It had been more than 50 years since a person last learned from a mistake. In 1954 one Ashley Barnes realised buying unessential items she didn’t have money for did more harm than good and adjusted her spending accordingly.