Tyranny in freefall as conspiracy theorists redirect ire at real problems

Humankind may finally be on the path to peace and prosperity after conspiracy theorists around the world refocused their energies on despotic governments, sinister corporations, tax havens, and other real problems that actually exist in the real world.

Previously untouchable institutions of power have so far proved helpless when faced with the relentless, laser-focused zeal of former flat earthers, QAnon believers, and other such tinfoil hat-wearing types.

“The penny just kind of dropped that we were wasting our time,” said unexpected new beacon of democracy, love, and hope Alex Jones. “If we want the world to be a better place we all need to roll up our sleeves and make it better together.”

Previously deranged lunatics are proving to be super adept detectives, campaigners, and investigative journalists. Even The Whale-Lines has hired a couple. The odour is unfortunate but they have excellent instincts for a story.