World leader takes a knee, does literally nothing else

Neoliberal sweetheart Anthony Bellow delighted media pundits today by taking a knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement before announcing his opposition to any and all structural change.

The prime minister looked terribly solemn while posing for photographs in front of parliament, which is all that could be reasonably asked of a head of state during a time of crisis.

When asked afterwards whether his gesture would be followed by tangible measures like defunding the police and making body cameras mandatory for law enforcement, a visibly panicked Bellow said: “Oh god no. No. Of course not. Are you crazy?

“I think when you read between the lines of BLM’s concrete demands it’s obvious what people really want is vague noncommittal sympathy.”

He went on to announce the post office would be releasing a series of commemorative stamps next year, thus ending institutional racism and police brutality forever.