Sacha Baron Cohen reveals Donald Trump is one of his characters

Sacha Baron Cohen removing his Donald Trump mask

American democracy is in even more of a crisis than it was before after it came to light Donald Trump does not exist except as a figment of Sacha Baron Cohen’s imagination.

The British comedian, famed for playing characters like Ali G and Borat, among others, has spent decades painstakingly crafting Trump’s persona as an ignorant, boorish, vain, inept, breathtakingly stupid American businessman.

He decided to come forward because things have rather gotten out of hand.

“Stare too long into the void and the void stares back,” he told White House reporters after removing his ghastly prosthesis. “I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was waiting for people to clock this wasn’t real, that it was all too absurd, but it never happened.”

The whole business has left the US government in something of a pickle, with Mike Pence begrudgingly sworn in as America’s 46th president and half the staff resigning on account of being Cohen plants.

To further complicate matters it appears the ‘Trump’ children are real, produced using rejected samples found in the dumpster behind a Queens sperm bank.