Next FIFA game to add racist abuse controls

The next installment of the FIFA Football video game franchise will include a variety of racist controls, EA confirmed today.

In response to calls for the games to be more realistic, the studio has been hard at work adding a complex system of prejudice and provocation. Working in a similar way to the diving mechanism, players will be able to shout 37 slurs in 12 languages.

Stadiums will have ‘prejudice scores’ in accordance with their reputations. These scores will update weekly as different hate crimes are reported throughout the season.

“We want our games to be believeable,” EA Sports head Dwayne Thorpe said. “This is the kind of innovation that keeps bringing people back to the franchise.”

The game’s gambling mechanics are also being ramped up. Thanks to the ‘Buy’ buttons that have become standard in the current generation of console controls, players will be able to improve their performance with the non-refundable twitch of a finger.

A homophobic expansion pack is reportedly in the works to be released in time for the Euros.

As yet Barcelona star Luis Suarez is the only player confirmed to be appearing on the box next year.