Nancy Pelosi delights Democrats by wearing #Resistance pin during political capitulation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi struck a hammer blow against the Trump administration last night by wearing a #Resistance pin while voting for the Gut Civil Liberties Act.

In a majestic, many say historic act of defiance Pelosi, 80, also tutted quietly and shook her head while formally signing away the rights of United States citizens to privacy, a fair trial, and freedom of speech.

When asked afterwards why she didn’t vote against the bill if she found it so objectionable, Pelosi muttered something about “tough decisions” then disappeared into the nearest elevator.

It is the latest in a string of public humiliations for the Republican Party, which has also had to endure Pelosi vaguely disapproving of the Even More Tax Cuts Act, the Destroy Social Security Forever Act, and the Get More Money in Politics Act. Those she also voted for and pressured other Democrats to do the same.

“That’s exactly the kind of fight I want to see from the Democratic Party,” said New York Times columnists Archibald Kennedy IV. “Take a good look, folks, you’re witnessing a political master at work.”

In a futile attempt to recover from this setback the Republicans are preparing to table a Reduce the Minimum Wage Act, which Pelosi will also vote for.