Ironically vain Instagram star gets ironic nose job

Tongue-in-cheek Instagram user Brandy Earhart stepped things up a notch today by getting a rhinoplasty.

Earhart, 26, has more than 23,000 followers on the platform, just enough for her to pretend not to take it seriously but still secretly harbour dreams of social media influencing being a viable career path.

The cosmetic surgery is yet another top drawer piece of satire from Earhart. “#NoMakeup,” she said in a post-op post in which her face and body were completely covered by bandages. “Sorry not sorry, am I right?”

For months Earhart has delighted followers with her ironically self-involved posts, often sharing dozens of stories a day in various outfits holding her cats. It was self aware so it was different. It was different.

From next week Earhart plans to add satirical product placements and hotel endorsements to her repertoire.