DC elites successfully moved to Truman Show-like dome

A huge dome in the countryside
Life in a bubble

The American people are preparing for a bright and beautiful new chapter now that the entirety of Washington DC’s ruling class has been safely contained in a dome much like that featured in the hit motion picture The Truman Show.

In an epic nighttime operation codenamed Washington Bubble, thousands of morally bankrupt politicians, lobbyists, political pundits, and establishment journalists were drugged and relocated to a perfect replica of Capitol Hill in rural Virginia.

A nationwide conspiracy three years in the making, the dome was agreed to be the only realistic solution to institutional rot at the highest levels of government, business, and the media.

Those moved will henceforth go about their lives blissfully unaware that their actions aren’t having the slightest impact on American life. None are expected to show the slightest desire to leave the Bubble. If they do they will be lured back by invites to cocktail parties.

The real Washington DC will now be populated with honest, decent people in tune with American life and committed to its betterment, in keeping with the founding fathers’ wishes as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.