Twelve unpublished novels found in Harper Lee’s glove compartment

A dozen To Kill a Mockinbird followup novels have been discovered in the glovebox of Harper Lee’s old car.

Tonja Cart, the Lee estate’s executor, also claims to have unearthed two graphic novels and a Netflix miniseries script.

The books will be published as a collection for $350. The Legacy Edition will cost $1776 and come with a talking bust of Atticus Finch which spits out racial slurs whenever someone walks past it.

The Mockingbird Trust, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of Harper Lee’s good name, has asked why the author didn’t see fit to publish the novels when she was alive.

“She forgot,” Carter told the press yesterday. “This is totally what she would have wanted. Frankly, some of the cynicism I’ve seen about this is exactly what Mockingbird was fighting against.”

Warner Bros. has already snapped up film rights with Jennifer Lawrence signed on to play Scout. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has confirmed his involvement in the project but refused to comment on his role.

The discovery marks another stroke of luck for Tonja Carter, who has stumbled upon a number of Harper Lee projects since inheriting her estate in 2016.