Mosquito rights activists firebomb Raid factory

A mosquito rights group was behind last week’s industrial estate explosion in Bristol, police have confirmed. The attack killed 13 and hospitalised 57 more.

Suspicions had been rife since Wednesday when leaked security camera footage showed three men fleeing the estate wearing enormous papier mache wings.

The attack has been widely condemned as excessive. It marks the latest in the ongoing ‘swarm’ campaign against anti-bug spray manufacturer Raid, which has been accused of normalising abuse against insects.

“There is now no question that the attack was conducted by the Mozzie Liberation League,” a law enforcement spokesman told Whale-Line reporters yesterday.

Mindy LeHouvre, chairman of FEMI, has distanced herself from the latest attack, calling it “unfortunate,” but insists it was a product of “legitimate and righteous anger.”

No suspects have been apprehended as yet, although authorities are confident of a breakthrough. The hunt marks the first serious test for the ‘Butterfly Net’ special task force set up last month in response to escalating insectal violence.