Jacob Rees-Mogg under fire for wearing 18th century silk pyjamas in Parliament

The right honourable Jacob Rees-Mogg, Esq. has shrugged off criticism following his appearance in the House of Commons yesterday dressed in blue and white striped pyjamas.

Members of the Opposition have called the choice of clothing insensitive to the day’s topics, chief of which were sexual assualt, NHS cuts, and the Grenfell disaster. Rees-Mogg smoking a pipe during the latter was deemed particularly distasteful.

“It is a disgrace to turn up to the House of Commons dressed like that,” Emily Thornberry said in a statement released today. “The teddy bear just added insult to injury.”

Rees-Mogg has been unphased by the criticism. “It’s typical left wing hysteria,” he drawled to a Whale-Line reporter today. “Members of Parliament have adorned themselves in such fine attire for centuries, and bears are exceedingly noble creatures.”

He appeared to be wearing the same jammies as the day before but had swapped into a fluffier pair of slippers.