Apple accuses architect of designing HQ ‘built to collapse’

Apple is preparing to file a huge lawsuit against its contractor on Monday, accusing the firm of designing offices with ‘planned collapsibility.’

Son & Son Structural Solutions secured a $1.2 billion deal in 2014 to build Apple’s new headquarters in Death Valley. Construction on the ‘Apple Core’ campus finished in July 2017 and most of the structures inexplicably collapsed four months later.

“This was a deeply cynical and disgraceful abuse of trust,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Tuesday. “I’d barely had time to settle in.”

Apple workers are reportedly deeply disappointed by the shoddy craftsmanship of the campus, saying that having paid ludicrous sums for a flashy product they expected it to last for a long time.

Son & Son has expressed its sympathy for the situation and offered to build a new, better campus for $2.4 billion.